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Our Process


Let us know what you would like or we can help you figure it out and answer any questions you may have.


We will create a mock-up with your design on the item you are wanting it on. This step allows us to finalize all of the details and once approved by you, we can move to the processing step.


We require payment upfront on all orders unless you are with an organization. We are willing to work with all customers, just let us know your situation. 

Process Order

We will order all of the items needed from our vendors and start the process of completing your order depending on what method you chose.


We love designing and making what you envision come true. You can bring us a design or we can create one for you.


We will double check the completed order and package it for our customer reveal. We can do customer pickup, delivery, or we can ship it you.

Personalize It

Looking for something personalized to show off your team spirit or creativity? We offer custom orders catered to just what you're looking for. Orders large and small can be made using screen printing, embroidery, vinyl, or sublimation. Head over to our Design Methods page to learn more.



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